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Monterey+ Wallpapers


Inspired by Mac OS Monterey, Monterey+ Wallpapers are custom-designed wallpapers for your smartphone and computer.

Designed In Europe, Available Everywhere

Get Monterey+ Wallpapers on your device right away. These wallpapers are designed with precision and care. Now you can download and start using them today. 

The + 

These are the plus, next-level, upgraded wallpapers from the default macOS Monterey Wallpaper.

Dark Mode

There are two versions of each wallpaper to better fit the screen of your choice.

Get Monterey+ Wallpapers today. 


Do I need macOS to use these wallpapers?

Unlike macOS wallpapers, our Monterey+ wallpapers are available for every modern device.

Are Monterey+ Wallpapers optimized for mobile? 

Yes, Monterey+ Wallpapers features mobile and desktop versions.

Is there dark mode available? 

Yes, Monterey+ Wallpapers also have dark mode versions available for mobile and desktop. 

If you have any further questions don't hesitate and send me an email: [email protected] 

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Monterey+ Wallpapers

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