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Pastely - Original Pastel Wallpaper Pack


Wallpapers go to another level with Pastely, a brand new original pastel wallpaper pack.

Beautifully designed wallpapers for your smartphone. These wallpapers are hand made featuring simple pastel colors.

Pastely Wallpaper pack comes in six amazing colors

  • Flower Rain

  • Windy Flowers

  • Just Purple 

  • Another Purple

  • Sea Blue and 

  • Ocean Deep

If you're ready to take your smartphone setup further, Pastely Wallpaper Pack is made for you.


Are these wallpapers in high resolution?

Yes, Pastely wallpapers are optimized for the best experience on all modern smartphones. All wallpapers in this wallpaper pack are in 4k resolution.

Can I use Pastely wallpapers on iOS? 

Yes, you can use all wallpapers from the Pastely wallpaper pack on iOS and Android. 

How many wallpapers do I get?

Pastely wallpaper pack features 6 exclusive wallpapers. 

If you have any further questions don't hesitate and send me an email: [email protected] 

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Pastely - Original Pastel Wallpaper Pack

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